5 Tips For Achieving Your Purposes In Life With Passion

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Jul 202012

Setting Clear Purposes Gives Us Focus

With the Olympic games just around the corner, I thought I would share with you the 5 tips I spoke about in a recent hockey camp with a group of around 30 kids between the ages of 8-15. The same principles that work for achieving one’s goals in a sport are also applicable for any our life pursuits.


  • The obstacles to setting goals are the fear of failure, the fear of not having what it will take, and the fear of what other people will think.
  • “If you aim for nothing you will accomplish nothing.”
  • Set SMART goals: Specific, Motivational, Accountable, Realistic, and Timely.

Pure Passion

  • Other words for passion are energy, motivation, zest, intensity, and charisma.
  • Your passions are the things you love to do without being told.
  • They are the talents you have been given.
  • They are the interests or dreams you have.
  • PASSION KILLERS IN YOUR LIFE:  Apathy, Naysayers in your life or Negative voices, Disappointment, Mediocrity and Grumbling or Complaining.

Seeing Through the Pain to the Prize


  • “Pursuing your purpose with passion will mean pressing through pain.”
  • “Anything worth doing will cost you something.”
  • What are the problems, obstacles or hard things that you are facing right now that you think are keeping you from going for purposes or goals?
  • We need mentors and heroes who have been through some pain to reach their purposes
  • We need people who will cheer us on when the going gets tough and tell us that we have what it takes.
  • List 5 people that inspire you and the 5 qualities about these people that attract you to them.
  • These same characteristics that you like in your mentors or heroes are resident within you.
  • Mentors or Heroes will: Call us out, Coach us, Correct us, Comfort us, and Coax us out of the nest.

    The Posse of Dads and Sons Pursuing Our Passion Together

  • Other words for perseverance are tenacity, finishing strong, resiliency, and determination.
  • “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” Malcolm Gladwell
  • It takes 10,000 hours or 10 years of practice to become proficient at a skill or talent.
  • “Practice is those things you do when know one else is watching.”
  • “To the degree we prepare and practice, we can improvise, be spontaneous, and intuitive in a sport and the game of life.”
Go For It.

Betwixt and Between: Sojourning Through the Borderlands

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Jul 062012

The In Between of the Borderlands

Caught between two worlds; belonging to this earth, yet feeling like strangers, misfits, or aliens from another planet .

This is the nature of life in the borderlands. Pilgrims passing through, yearning for a city and country to call their own.

Satisfied settlers living in the neighborhood; ever-seeking sojourners looking for home, so close, yet so out of reach.

One foot in heaven and one foot here on earth; a tug of war rages for the affections of our souls.

The ever present allure of sex, stuff, and status tries to draw us into its seductive web; temporary fixes that are fleeting.

Loving the pulsating life of the city, yet longing for the peace of the country.

Stuck between the city and country

Content but ever restless, happy on the outside yet gripped by the haunting on the inside.

No experience or relationship can satiate this gnawing sense of despondency, discontent, emptiness, longing, and hunger.

The promise of satisfaction found in penultimate vacations, dream houses, gold plated pension funds, and the perfect relationship only leaves us wanting more.

What will fill the hole, and what will satisfy the unending haunting? What is the purpose of this holy discontent?

Beneath it all is an unquenchable thirst for lasting peace, deeper intimacy, exquisite beauty, real justice for all found in relationship with our Creator!

Heed that homesickness for a world with no pollution, poverty or pain; groan for a little slice of heaven here on earth.

Slow down and listen to that inward still small voice calling you homeward.

Seeing Another World Dimly

Gaze more deeply, and though faint, you will see a vision of a better city and country that is just over the horizon.

Travel lightly as you move from the borderlands into that promised land you have been waiting for.

Dive into the Grand Adventure of partnering with God to usher in, here and now, a little bit of heaven on earth!