Relationships & Rites of Passage Coaching



My passion is to see families and marriages become healthy by developing a culture of affirmation, affection, and acceptance. This healthy foundation makes a marriage and a family a safe place for each individual to reach their full potential while pursuing a shared vision together. Tim is especially committed to calling out and mentoring men to become healthy husbands and fathers.

 Tim offers Coaching around the following Subjects:Coaching married couples through a process of celebrating their uniqueness as individuals while learning how to travel together in the same direction.

  1. Coaching married couples and families on how to develop a culture of trust and develop practices that are consistent with their core values.
  2. Coaching couples in developing healthy communication habits and how to walk out conflict in a postive way.
  3. Coaching couples to grow in their emotional intelligence.
  4. Coaching couples in how to keep romance alive in their marriage.
  5. Coaching parents in how to develop a tailor made parenting style for the unique personalities and learning styles of their kids.
  6. Helping parents develop a year long journey of ‘Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah’ experiences with their sons and daughters.
  7. Planning and running an Outdoor Experience Trek with parents and their kids to bond, have an adventure, and learn life lessons together in the great outdoors.

    Sons Receiving a Blessing

    Living the Dream with my Boys


 Coaching Services that Tim offers:

  1. Tim, and when possible his wife Esther, are available for premarital coaching for couples. Tim is also licenced in Alberta to perform weddings if a couple needs this service. If a couple is interested in the whole package of 6 premarital coaching sessions and Tim performing the wedding ceremony, they can contact Tim for more info.
  2. Tim and Esther offer coaching sessions for married couples and parents on the above subjects with the hourly cost determined on an individual or couple by couple basis.
  3. Tim runs seminars and retreats on the above subjects such as “How to Develop a Tailor Made Year Long Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah (Rites of Passage) Experience for Your Son or Daughter.”
  4. Tim offers individual coaching for fathers who would like to develop a year long Rites of Passage Experience for their son or daughter

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