Personal Life Coaching


The Quest

“Fulfilled, joyful people are those living life with a passion channeled towards a clear and captivating dream. No dream is achieved without committing to a long obedience of  practicing some daily habits. To reach our dreams at times requires a relational yet intentional process with a coach.”

A Coach for the Journey

“When you work hard, juggle the responsiblities of family, and attempt at building community, sometimes you quite frankly lose steam When you are in leadership, you have few places to turn. Tim Schultz is someone who has been there and is extremely effective at coaching and encouraging one for deep, lasting change. Our time receiving loving input from Tim made a dramatic impact in our ministry and marriage. His approach is creative and individually curtailed to each person’s situation. Thanks for a well thought out and powerful kingdom approach.  Cynthia and Russell Sanche- YWAM Canada

The Process:

To live our dream or vision usually means change on our part. The process of change starts with being motivated to change (connecting with the passion in our hearts), getting the information on how to change (changing faulty thinking and grooves in our brains/heads), and developing new practices (the habits and actions of our hands).

Conquering Fear

“Healthy things grow, growing things change, and changing things challenges us.”

“What got me to this point may not get me to where I want to go!”

“Without this integration of tapping into the longings of our heart, developing new grooves in our brains, and forming healthy habits, we feel frustrated or apathetic and live disconnected or fragmented lives.”

 My role as a coach is threefold:

  1. To facilitate a person through a journey of personal self-awareness about who they are, and self- discovery of their dream or life mission.  Who am I and where am I going? For what purpose was I put on this earth? What motivates me?
  2. To guide a person through a process of defining their CORE VALUES so they can focus their time, energy, and money on what matters most: What is most important to me? What are the markers or measuring sticks that let me know I’m heading towards my true north?

    Forging New Routes

  3. To help individuals develop healthy HABITS in their relational (loving well), physical (living a healthy lifestyle), mental (being a life-long learner), and spiritual (leaving a legacy) spheres of life. When we develop healthy practices in each of these spheres, and when our actions are consistent with our core values, we experience a synergy (the fire from within and the energy to get up every day), and  harmony (an internal sense of well being or being comfortable in our skin). These habits form the pathway to our dream.  How are you going to get where you want to go?

 Life Coaching Services:

  1. One on One Coaching: If you are interested in receiving some life coaching from Tim you can contact him for a free introductory one hour session in person, over the phone, or by skype. If you should desire to proceed with more sessions the cost per hour will be determined on a person by person basis in consultation with Tim.
  2. Another option is to take a 9 month course Tim teaches called “Discovering Your Dream!”  This course costs $1200 per person and starts each fall. Refer to the tab on courses for more info.