Team Coaching


The signs of a healthy team are a combination of organic conditions that create an environment for life to flourish (relationships and vision) combined with organizational scaffolding to support the life. Every river has banks, every tree has a trunk, and every body has a skeleton that serves the flow of life. The organic conditions would include a culture of trust, chemistry in the team, and a shared vision and core values that everyone owns.  Organizational scaffolding would be clarity in responsiblities and roles, attainable goals, and an agreed upon metric/measuring stick for evaluation (360* feedback).  In all of this a team needs the right people moving at an agreed pace and with an empowering process to accomplish their shared vision.

Coaching Services For Teams That Tim offers:

  1. Helping Teams move from a place of low trust to high trust.
  2. Helping Teams develop chemistry or esprit de corps-a sense of belonging or the ‘it’ factor where every team member feels important!
  3. Helping Teams move from aligned vision to shared vision, and thus a greater degree of ownership and synergy.
  4. Helping Teams define their core values and practices-this is what shapes the culture of a team.
  5. Helping Teams clarify roles, reponsiblities, and expectations.

Tim offers both seminars on team building as well as team building exercises in the great outdoors.

Forming the Team