Tim’s Bio

Tim is married to his soulmate Esther, and they have three boys named Jonathan, Joel, and Michael. As a family, they have been involved in some form of pioneering and pastoring with the Baptists, YWAM, and the Vineyard, since 1987. Tim has helped plant churches and coach leaders in Canada, Australia, Asia, and Norway.  A few years ago, Tim helped start Global Hope Society.  The vision for GHS was to help Canadians partner with friends and faith communities overseas in the mobilizing of micro-businesses, church planting, and other initiatives that go against the current of poverty and injustice that impacts especially women and children.  In 2006, Tim graduated with a Masters degree from St. Stephen’s University. His thesis was entitled, “The Divine Dance: How to Form Healthy Missional Communities in a Postmodern Culture.”
One of Tim’s core values is to be a practitioner and lifelong learner who tests his theories and theology in the crucible of real life.  Thus Tim and a few good friends have just recently embarked on an adventure of living ‘deeper’ community and incarnational mission through a network of simple faith communities in Calgary and the surrounding towns, called Mosaic.  As is evident from above, Tim loves starting new things, though he has a few scars to show for it.

The Delight Found in Overcoming

Many of these catalytic ventures have come out of  Tim’s journey of following a hunch or nudge, stepping out with knees a-knocking, falling down, and getting up over and over again. Experiencing the joy of pioneering and the pain of failure both in his own journey and in the lives of those he has coached has given Tim a mixture of compassion and wisdom in his coaching.  He loves the simple yet profound children’s story of the little engine that could, and believes that it is a great example of how encouragement and a little bit of faith can help us get over the mountains in our lives. Tim’s latest endeavour, Quest For Life Coaching, was born out of his desire to coach individuals, married couples, teams, and faith communities! In July of 2011, Tim and his oldest son Jon made it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa which is over 19,000ft!

Pure Joy

Tim’s hobbies include coaching his son Michael’s soccer team, and watching or playing most sports, yes, even cricket. To detox from the city, Tim loves to hike, hunt, and fish with his sons or good friends. International movies and cuisine, great music of any genre, a freshly brewed Americano, or fine glass of red wine are some of the finer things of life Tim enjoys, especially when he can share these experiences with his wife on a date! When possible, Tim may be found at a local coffee shop reading a book on leadership, theology, or a historical novel.

Some of Tim’s Bucket List:

  • Walk the 800 km Camino de Santiago trail in France and Spain with some friends and family
  • Complete a PhD in the area of leadership
  • Hike the Machu Piccu trail in Peru with one of my sons
  • Write a book using real life stories to help people learn the Kingdom of God worldview and way of living
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Run a marathon