Church & CP Coaching


Tim’s passion is to envision and to coach churches and church planters through the framework of a Kingdom of God vision, and a Kingdom of God worldview. The Kingdom Dream is what grips Tim, and what he wants to spend the rest of his life casting a vision for.  From this foundation of a Kingdom of God worldview, Tim coaches churches and church plants on how to walk out ‘deeper’ community and ‘incarnational’ mission. Tim longs to see movements of missional communities all over the world that reflect the Kingdom Dream!

“The most important coaching experience you can sign up for! Tim has a great ability to communicate the message of the Kingdom of God that will bring you to a place of making life changing decisions.”  Duane Norleen, Director, Youth With a Mission, Calgary.

“The Vineyard Prairie Regional Team meetings have provided many hours of fun, discussion, prayer, and munching together. Elf and I have grown to expect wisdom and well rounded sparring of vision, ideas, procedures, and policies with Tim and Esther. Their input into our lives and into the life of Cornerstone Vineyard is our joy.” David and Elf Hamm – pastors of Cornerstone Vineyard in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada

Training on the Kingdom in India

 Subjects that Tim loves to coach and teach on:

  1. What is the  Kingdom Dream, Worldview, and Culture?”
  2. How does the Trinity model for us how to walk out ‘community’ and  ‘mission’?
  3. How does a church develop small group ministry where there there is authentic relationship and discipleship?
  4. How does a church or church plant develop a missional culture and  missional practices that are fun, and free people from the baggage and guilt of  not ‘doing’ evangelism?
  5. What are the values and practices of ‘deeper’ community?
  6. How does a church come into shared vision and define its core values and  practices?
  7. How does a faith community navigate change, conflict, and walk out  transitions that result in higher trust in relationships and greater ownership  to the vision?
  8. How does a faith community develop a culture of apprenticing, mentoring,  and spiritual formation that is both organic and intentional?
  9. What are the primary spiritual pathways to connecting with God and how do  different personalities affect how we prayer and worship?
  10. How Does One Find More Leaders? – Raising Up Reluctant Leaders who love  what they do.
  11. Demystifying spiritual gifts, especially prophecy and healing.
  12. How does a church develop a church planting vision and strategy that is  natural and organic?

 Coaching Tools and Services Tim offers:

  1. One on one coaching of leaders and church planters. Cost will be determined on individual basis in consultation with Tim.
  2. Courses such as “History and Theology for Practioners” or “How to Plant a Missional Community”.  These courses will run one Saturday a month over the span of a year based on a minimum of 4 students and max of 12. The cost of the courses are $1200 per student.
  3. Tim is available to come into a church community and do a seminar on any of the above subjects over a weekend, or over several Saturdays and speaking on the Sunday if desired.  You can contact Tim for more info if interested.
  4. Tim is available to facilitate a retreat on “Exploring Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines from Different Church Traditions and Personality Types.” or “Developing a Small Group ministry that Works”  or “Developing a Missional Culture Without Guilt – Learning to Talk about Jesus in a Non-religious way!” as well as other retreat topics.
  5. Tim is available to teach at conferences or schools on any of the above subjects.